Jennifer Yang Design Studio

Jennifer Yang is a conceptual designer who currently resides in Taipei City. At the age of 14, she started living in England, where she discovered her interest in Art and Design at an early age.

Later on, she moved to London to pursue her degree in Textile Design and Masters in Material Future full-time before returning to her home, Taipei in 2015. Through her ever-growing portfolio, Jennifer had the opportunity to share her vision and experiences with international audiences.

Jennifer has been fortunate to receive a number of opportunities and invitations to exhibit her work in Art Galleries, Boutiques and Design Festival. These exhibitions lead to further Design collaboration, and Art Exhibitions. The most recent collaboration in Europe was with Graham & Brown Wallpaper Company. She was selected as one of Twenty Five designers to join their ‘New Wave’ project, which was to present an innovative design proposal.

Apart from being a designer, Jennifer is an artist as well. Her most recent solo show in Europe was in CFCCA Gallery, Manchester, UK in 2013.

During her time as an undergraduate, her work was selected as one of the 6 ‘most impressive’ designs for Xhibit competition; which was held by the University of the Arts London.

She was nominated by her degree tutor to be a represent for Central Saint Martins, BA Textile to participate in the TexPrint Competition. At the same time, she received an invitation to design an anniversary Cap for New Era Company. Her work was later exhibited in London, Berlin, Milan, Barcelona and Paris.

Influenced by both Eastern and Western culture, Jennifer enjoys creating her work with the combination of both cultures and fairytale elements. Inspiration from sun lights, nature, Interactive arts, romanticism and untouched beauty can be found in her works.

She believed Art and Design should connect and inspire our emotions in every sense; continuing to transfers her senses into works that can inspire and encourage others.